Originals: Quarry (Season 1)
Quarry (Season 1)
Starring: Logan Marshall-Green, Jodi Balfour, Nikki Amuka-Bird
Directed By: Greg Yaitanes
Genre: Action-Adventure
Memphis, 1972. After a second tour of duty in Vietnam, ex-Marine Mac Conway surprises his wife Joni by arriving home a day early, but the return is hardly joyous. Along with his friend and fellow Marine Arthur Solomon, Mac has been stigmatised by his involvement in a highly publicised Vietnam massacre; though both men were exonerated, notoreity has followed them home, and finding a good job proves impossible. When a shady figure called "The Broker" shows up to offer Mac a cool $30G for a series of future contract killings, Mac angrily declines. But he soon learns that Arthur, who has a wife and two kids and loathes his new factory job, has agreed to a similar offer. After flaunting his newfound cash at a bar, Arthur urges Mac to be his partner o the first job: a hit on a low-life PI named Rickey Suggs. Mac refuses - but after losing his job as a mechanic, he changes his mind and joins Arthur on the hit, insisting he's in it for one timeonly. It's a decision that will change the fates of both men forever.

Episodes Highlights
Quarry S1 01: You Don't Miss Your Water

Sullied Vietnam vet Mac Conway is tempted by criminal elements after returning home to Memphis in 1972.

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Quarry S1 02: Figure Four
Quarry S1 03: A Mouthful Of Splinters
Quarry S1 04: Seldom Realized
Quarry S1 05: Coffee Blues
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