Originals: Vendetta: A True Story
Vendetta: A True Story
Starring: Christopher Walken, Luke Askew, Clancy Brown
Directed By: Nicholas Meyer
Genre: Drama

Written and directed by Oscar-nominee Nicholas Meyer (The Seven Per Cent Solution, Star Trek VI) and starring Oscar-winner Christopher Walken (Sleepy Hollow, Blast From The Past, America?s Sweethearts), Vendetta is a true story about one of the darkest chapters in American history. A group of Italian immigrants from Sicily travel to America full of dreams and plans, only to find their hopes dashed on the streets of New Orleans, where they are exploited by a rich businessman (Walken) who is trying to wrest control of the docks from the Italians. When the New Orleans police chief is executed by an unknown group of men, dozens of Italians are detained by the police, and nine are tried for murder. When the court finds them not guilty, an angry anti-Italian mob decides to take the law into their own hands, resulting in the largest lynching in United States history.

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