The Disappearance
The Disappearance
Starring: Peter Coyote, Joanne Kelly, Michelle Lanctot
Directed By: Peter Stebbings
Genre: Drama
Duration: 0 hr 41 min
When Anthony’s school project gets him in trouble with his teacher, it creates tension between Luke and Henry and the rest of the family. After Henry sends Anthony on a scavenger hunt for his 10th birthday, Helen and Luke panic when their son mysteriously vanishes, setting off a puzzle of unthinkable consequences.
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Tue, Nov 20  3:00PM
The Disappearance S1 03: Sacrifice

Episodes Highlights
The Disappearance S1 01: Birthday Boy

On the series debut, Henry organizes a treasure hunt for his grandson Anthony’s 10th birthday, from which Anthony would not return.

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The Disappearance S1 02: The Tree
Tue, Nov 20  3:00PM
The Disappearance S1 03: Sacrifice
The Disappearance S1 04: Treasure Hunt
The Disappearance S1 05: Burial Grounds
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