The Brave (Season 1)
The Brave (Season 1)
Starring: Anne Heche, Natacha Karam, Noah Mills
Directed By: Brad Anderson
Genre: Drama
Duration: 0 hr 41 min
When American doctor Kimberley Wells gets kidnapped by a group with terrorist ties, Captain Adam Dalton and his heroic Special Ops squad of highly trained undercover specialists must take action and stop at nothing to save her. Across the world, D.I.A. Deputy Director Patricia Campbell and her team of analysts guide Dalton along the way through as the group learns that Wells' disappearance might have ties to something that could be catastrophic. Also starring Tate Ellington, Demetrius Grosse , Natacha Karam, Noah Mills, Sofia Pernas and Hadi Tabbal. Also guest starring Kerem Can, Shereen Martin, Oliver Walker and Mbarek Mahmoudi.
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Tue, Oct 16  3:15PM
The Brave S1 11: Grounded
Fri, Oct 19  12:45AM
The Brave S1 11: Grounded
Sat, Oct 20  12:15PM
The Brave S1 11: Grounded

Episodes Highlights
The Brave S1 01: Pilot

An action-packed series about the bravest military heroes who make sacrifices for the most challenging and dangerous missions.

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