Originals: D.L. Hughley: Unapologetic
D.L. Hughley: Unapologetic
Starring: D.L. Hughley
Directed By: Beth McCarthy
Genre: Comedy

From his inner-city roots in L.A., D.L. Hughley has become one of the smartest, most popular stand-up comics working today. This all-new HBO special will show audiences just how far he has come, and how funny he is - with no apologies necessary! Taking the stage in Washington, D.C., Hughley focuses on such topics as the dangers of living in the nation's capital, the qualifications of the 2008 presidential candidates, the current administration, the immigration debate, Cuban refugees, airplane restrictions, the "n" word, Don Imus and freedom of speech, whites and blacks on cruise ships, Paris Hilton, and much more - including D.L.'s now-famous interaction with hapless audience members in the first row.

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