Originals: Profugos (Season 1)
Profugos (Season 1)
Starring: Nestor Cantillana, Francisco Reyes, Benjamin Vicuna
Directed By: Pablo Larrain
Genre: Action-Adventure
The four Prófugos – Vicente Ferragut (Nestor Cantillana), Alvaro “Tegui” Parraguez (Benjamin Vicuña), Oscar Salamanca (Francisco Reyes) and Mario Moreno (Luis Gnecco) – are contracted by Kika Ferragut (Claudia Di Girolamo) to ground transport a liquid cocaine shipment from the border of Bolivia to the Chilean port of Iquique. Nevertheless, in the midst of the final delivery, a shot rings out from a nearby terrace, unleashing a violent ambush.  
A complex web of ambitions, interests and corruption drives this story, where no one is what they seem, where everyone hides a past and where sheer desperation unites an unlikely foursome before the critical need to escape. The four Prófugos flee without knowing exactly who pursues them, meanwhile doing everything possible to protect their families and loved ones from growing threats. Every moment is key in deciding their uncertain future.

Episodes Highlights
Profugos S1 01

Four men are recruited to transport drugs from Bolivia to Chile, but the operation turns out to be an ambush.

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