The Brink (Season 1)
The Brink (Season 1)
Starring: Jack Black, Tim Robbins, Pablo Schreiber
Directed By: Jay Roach
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 0 hr 21 min
In Islamabad, Pakistan, low-level State Department bureaucrat Alex Talbott asks his driver Rafiq to take him to a local bazaar to score some weed. The two encounter a mass protest that turns violent, and end up fleeing their car and taking refuge in the house Rafiq shares with his parents and sister. In Washington, D.C., Secretary of State Walter Larson is fetched from a hotel tryst by his seen-it-all aide, Kendra Peterson, to attend an emergency White House meeting on the growing unrest in Pakistan. After learning that General Umair Zaman is paranoid and threatening the region with destruction, the president and the ultra-hawkish Secretary of Defense put a plan in motion to remove Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, against Walter’s advice that such an operation is risky and reckless. The group soon discovers that Alex is their only source of hard information on the ground in Pakistan. Meanwhile, onboard an aircraft carrier in the region, ace pilot Zeke “Z-Pak” Tilson calls his ex-wife Ashley in Florida, urging her to send more “product” for his lucrative drug side business. Later, Zeke’s mounting troubles are put on hold when he and his co-pilot Glenn are ordered to take off on a mission Zeke knows could lead to catastrophe.
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The Brink S1 06: Tweet Tweet Tweet
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The Brink S1 07: Sticky Wicket
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The Brink S1 06: Tweet Tweet Tweet

Episodes Highlights
The Brink S1 01: Pilot

When a coup erupts in Pakistan, three Americans find themselves entwined in an emerging geopolitical crisis.

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The Brink S1 02: Half-Cocked
The Brink S1 03: Baghdad My Ass
The Brink S1 04: I'll Never Be Batman
The Brink S1 05: Swim, Shmuley, Swim
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